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Traveling With Kids: Can It Be Done Sanely?

Before my husband and I had kids we loved to travel, we would go places at the drop of a hat. We were always planning our next trip and thinking about great places to visit. Then like most people who have kids we wondered if traveling and enjoying it were possible now. I’m sure you’ve heard and seen the horror stories of traveling with kids, whether it’s crying babies on planes, cranky toddlers and other issues that come up. The families I always saw on trips never seem relaxed and they sure didn’t seem happy.


The Balancing Act: Family and Career

Growing up my mom was a stay at home mom and I’m extremely grateful for that, she was a great mom for sure. I always thought that is what I would want to do as well when I had kids one day. Well one day came and a lot of things went into mine and my husband’s decision but I chose to be a working mom. One reason was the fact that the money I make at my job would be hard to replace and the other is that I really do love my job. I don’t know what I would do with myself if I wasn’t able to do my job, I look forward to work everyday honestly.


Keeping Fit As A Working Mom

Being a working mom of 3 kids is hard enough without a lot of the distractions and demands that our everyday world places on us. But being a working mom and keeping yourself physically fit can seem like the premise to a Mission Impossible movie. I can just imagine Tom Cruise wearing the weird face changing thing and having to do all the things a working mom does and then be reminded by his handler, “Hey, you’ve still got to workout”. I think even the greatest spy would just throw their hands up and scream “I’m done!”.